Weekly Service Package Highlights


Standard weekly Full service:

  • One Flat, Easy-to-Budget Monthly Price

  • Care Provided By Top-Rated Certified Pool Operators

  • GPS Verified E-mailed Weekly Service Report

  • 24/7 Client Connect Web Portal

  • Automatic Billing & Payment

  • Basic Chemicals Included (Tabs, Acid, Soda Ash)

  • To Ensure the Safety of Your Children, Family and Pets Chemicals Are NEVER Left On Your Property

  • Same Day Service Each Week

  • Empty Skimmer/Pump/Vacuum Baskets

  • Test & Balance Water Chemistry Every Visit

  • Brush Walls & Steps

  • Net Debris From Pool & Spa

  • Visual & Audible Equipment Check Performed Every Visit

  • Lube O-rings / Unclog Pool Vacuum & Pump Impeller

  • Backwash Sand & D.E. Filter As Needed


all-inclusive mini: (Most Popular)

Includes Everything Above PLUS…

  • Weekly Onsite Computerized Water Testing - Ensures The Most Accurate Results and Cleanest Water Possible

    • Tests Performed: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Hardness, Copper, Salt, Phosphates

  • Three (3) Year Extended Parts & Labor Warranty

    • For New Equipment Installs

  • Cartridge/DE Filter Cleaned 2x/year Included; Sand Filter Cleaned 1x/year

  • Replacement of Pump Baskets, Skimmer Baskets and Floating Chlorine Dispenser Included

  • Up To One (1) Shock Treatment Per Month Included

  • Phosphate Remover Included

  • Monitor & Clean Salt Cell

  • Diamond Water Polish Treatment Included

  • PowerVac Pool As Needed

  • Clean In-Floor System Debris Screens


all-inclusive max:  (best Value)

Includes Everything Above PLUS…

  • NEVER GREEN GUARANTEE! - If Algae Finds Its Way Into Your Pool, We'll Fix It For FREE!!!

  • Waterline Scale Treatment Included

    • Greatly Minimize, If Not Completely Prevent Unsightly Calcium Buildup At The Waterline As Well As On Waterfalls, Fountains, Beach Entry, Negative/Infinity Edge, Etc.

  • All Chlorine Shock Treatments Included

  • All Algicide Treatments Included

  • Replacement Of The Following Included:

    • All O-rings (Filter, Valve & Pump Lids)

    • Vacuum Suction Hoses

    • Skimmer & Other Safety Deck Lids

  • Salt for Salt Pools Included

  • Re-Paint PVC Plumbing To Protect From UV Exposure


The information above is an overview of our service packages. Please view our service agreement for complete service details.