Your pool is a masterpiece. Treat it that way.

~Solaris Pool Care, Premium Pool Care To Protect Your Investment



Why all-inclusive Care?

Every pool is its own masterpiece. A unique, complex system that, without proper care, will quickly degrade, resulting in water balance issues, costly repairs and an unsatisfactory pool ownership experience. Through Solaris' expertise and first-rate service standards, we're able to provide the ALL-Inclusive pool care today's pools need. We keep them not only operating at peak efficiency, but also looking and feeling their very best while also providing their owners an unparalleled positive service and pool ownership experience.

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About Solaris

Established in 2004 and exclusively serving Scottsdale & Paradise Valley, Solaris Pool Care's mission is to provide the most complete and enjoyable pool service experience possible. Our long-held implementation of innovative technologies ensures that we'll continue leading the way in residential pool service satisfaction for years to come.

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Repairs & upgrades

Are you growing tired of that old, run-down, noisy pool or spa equipment? Solaris can help you modernize it while also making your pool and spa eco-friendly. We will expertly guide you through the maze of equipment options to best fit your budget and the needs of your backyard oasis.

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